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Bulk pick up is the most economical and convenient choice for large orders. To see if you qualify for a bulk pick-up please visit our Recycling Solutions page, and enter the quatities of recycling items you have. It will let you know which of our services will better suit your needs.

LampCycle Program

All-in-one recycling containers that can handle your storage and shipping needs. The kit includes an inner lamp box, an outer shipping box, and a 4 mil vapor barrier liner with tie closure. Also included with the kit is your FedEx return label.Once you receive the container, you simply fill and send back to EverLights for recycling.


We cover all 50 states, so wherever your lamps are located, we can be there to pick them up within 48 hours of your request. We service all customers through bulk pick up and/or our Lampcycle programs.


EverLights recycles 100% of your material. Certificates of Recycling will be available under your customer account, or mailed to you, once the recycling is completed.


The EverLights mail back LampCycle program has been tested and ranked the safest program in the industry.