Our Process

We have successfully implemented a transparency, checks and balances, and communication system with our customers and contractors that has added additional value and labor savings to the end user.

Upon receipt of a lighting job, we create a master order that matches the specifications of the project and client purchase order. EverLights pulls manufacturer submittals for the order and highlights the components of the fixture used on the job. Submittals and order acknowledgments are sent to the contractor for approval. Once the submittals and fixture selections are finalized, the order is released with final approved submittals. All changes are tracked in the order. If changes were made to the fixture, submittals are updated and the changes are made in our system. Status releases are sent to the contractor weekly.

Prior to fixtures being shipped to the job site, they have the option of coming to our warehouse to run through a verification process. The verification process involves the EverLight’s project manager assigned to the job inspecting every fixture prior to it getting staged for delivery. Each fixture is opened, checked for damages and checked against the approved submittals. A verification report is created. In addition to checking each fixture, they are also photographed and the project manager uploads the photos to Dropbox for the contractors to review. We also check for quantity and for damage.