Office LED lighting solutions act as an investment for modern businesses who aim to enhance their productivity by reducing their energy costs and opening up the horizon for a clean and green environment. LED retrofits are designed to offer the same level of lighting brilliance that any other incandescent fitting provides and also help you reduce your electricity bills.


Peppering in some architectural fixtures can inspire creativity in your space and boost company moral. It's easy to get innovative with LED lighting: making an office atmosphere unique and enjoyable for your employees to come to everyday.


Controls and connectivity mean that lighting can be personalized at an individual level, while at the same time, reducing energy use and lowering maintenance costs.

Cost Effective

A new lighting solution does not necessarily mean new fixtures. EverLights has worked in commercial spaces to provide simple retrofit options and lighting enhancements. This ranges from using LED tubes to retrofit kit fixtures, such as the Phillips Evo-Kit. We work with new construction or in existing spaces to achieve the look and feel the client desires.