Light plays an important role in creating pleasant spaces that invite you to stay a little, or a lot longer. LED lighting provides the light quality needed to help transform your hotel into a home away from home. In addition, it drives down maintenance costs and reduces cooling costs to make for a more comfortable setting.


At a hotel, it's important to create a sustainable and engaging atmosphere that supports comfort and personalized experiences. Lighting plays such a valuable role in this because even the wrong color bulb can change a room's feel from warm to cold. We recommend our hotel clients use the GE LED 11 2700k.

Reduce Costs

Prior to moving forward with an enhancement, we mock up a sample to verify it's delivering exactly what your space requires. We will also process all utility rebate applications, so you are not only receiving a cost savings benefit from the product, but also a rebate from your utility to help reduce capital improvement costs.

Energy saver

Our technology solutions have made a significant breakthrough in the past year increasing efficiency, lowering initial costs, and providing warm and comfortable lighting for any application imaginable.