Parking garages are often considered dim, dirty and dangerous places that are concrete blights on our urban landscapes. Fortunately, this image is rapidly changing as parking garages become more upscale. Architects, owners, and designers are beginning to realize that a better-looking garage with quality lighting will not only improve the environment, but will attract more retail customers and commercial tenants. 


Our lighting solutions deliver a range of benefits to parking garage applications that can help improve the performance of illumination with good uniformity, quality coverage, and better color rendering. This makes a garage safer for drivers and pedestrians. 

Economic savings

We offer free lighting design services, economic analysis, and fixture samples to help assure channel partners and end-users of a proper installation and outcome. With optimal conditions, our LEDs will last over 40x longer than a 1,500-hour light bulb.

Reduced carbon footprint

Since LED lights use less energy, are simple to control and are 100% recyclable, switching to LED lights can greatly reduce your business’ carbon footprint.