Proper lighting on a college campus can affect many aspects of the college experience for both students and faculty. Today, college campuses provide not only a place to learn, but also a place to live. Lighting on campus touches student safety, emotions, and productivity.

EverLights works with several universities, in partnership with only the best lighting and lighting control manufacturers, to help standardize lighting systems on college campuses. When lighting standards are set, we communicate and work with the college maintenance and construction teams to maintain the standards in new lighting build outs and retrofits. We hold training sessions for the maintenance staff so they understand the lighting and control systems on their campus. Educating our clients on how to choose, install, and troubleshoot a lighting system is an important part of our sales process.

Our university project management team can service our university clients during off hours, whenever necessary. We understand the demands on classroom time from faculty, staff, and students, so working with a university on the weekend or off hours is part of our service offering. Safety considerations are crucial when considering changing or designing the lighting on campus. Walking a campus before sunrise and after sundown is often part of our audit process.

In addition to helping you select and design your current lighting system, EverLights can also ensure compliance with all federal, state, or local requirements by recycling your old lighting following a re-lamp, during a demolition, or following a retrofit job. We have several recycling solutions, which can be tailored to fit your needs.