EverLights FAQs

What rebate programs are you a part of?

We are a ComED Small Business trade ally and we participate in their standard programs and BILD. We also participate with the Archdiocese of Chicago's CISP program.

Can you return recycling lamps when getting new lamps?

Absolutely. We can make your job easier by delivering your new lamps when picking up your spent lamps.

Does EverLights handle electrical supplies?

Yes. We can supply all of your electrical supplies.

Can you help with lighting design?

You bet. We have a knowledgeable staff, and if we can't help you we have a number of resources that can.

Do you stock fixtures and sensors?

Definitely. We have several options in stock.

Do you provide service nationwide?

We have a network of resources across the country. We currently service several accounts from California to Maine.

Are you a minority-owned business?

Yes, we are a certified minority-owned business. We are also committed to employing women and minorities.