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What rebate programs are you a part of?

We are a ComED small business and standard program trade ally, BILD distributor, and a rebate consultant to utility companies across the country. These relationships assist us in getting our clients projects complete at the lowest out of pocket expense for our customers.  

Can you return recycling lamps when getting new lamps?

Absolutely. We can make your job easier by delivering your new lamps when picking up your spent lamps. We also can roll in the recycling costs to your purchase price, so you only cut one purchase order for lights and recycling.

Does EverLights handle electrical supplies?

Yes. We can supply all of your electrical supplies. We carry over a million dollars in inventory from pipe to conduit to controls.

Can you help with lighting design?

You bet. We have a knowledgeable staff that can create the lighting design to suit your taste and budget. We complete this service by providing lighting submittals and photometric drawings.

Do you stock fixtures and sensors?

Definitely. We stock LED fixtures – from standard lay in fixtures, to flat panels. We also support the Watt Stopper and Lutron control lines – carrying a healthy inventory of both.

Do you provide service nationwide?

Yes – we have been doing work across the country for over a decade. We have a national network of logistics partners that allow us to service your location from our corporate location in Chicago. We can still guarantee pick ups within 4 hours, as well as deliveries within 24 hours.

Are you a diversity-owned business?

Yes, we are a certified woman-owned (WBE), a certified woman owned small business (WOSB), a CMS/BEP certified business, and a certified disadvantaged business (DBE). Most of our certifications cover the entire country. However, it’s always advisable to verify if our certification and NAICS codes match your job needs.

Do you offer kitting or pre-fabrication on supplies and fixtures?

Yes, EverLights has a section in our warehouse for either your electrician to come in and modify fixtures, or for our staff to do the same. This includes testing drivers, adding whips, etc. We also do project staging on site, so we can deliver the complete job (locally or across the country) complete. Lastly, we can kit parts of your project together to save you time on labor. This includes, but is not limited to, kitting controls together and labeling them by room/floor. Kitting assemblies together by light pole. Whatever your kitting needs are, we are here to discuss and see how we can provide value added services.

What’s your fixture verification process?

When we receive fixtures in for a job, the project manager verifies the fixtures are free from damages, are the correct color and configuration, and match the approved submittal 100%! If any part of the fixture is compromised, we return it to the manufacturer for replacement. All of this is done prior to the job starting. For every verification process performed, results have been in labor savings on the project.

What are fixture carts?

Fixture carts are awesome! They are movable carts that allow us to deliver the fixtures – without shipping containers- on a cart. Each cart holds 10-15 fixtures, and can be labeled for the appropriate area and/or floor. Less handling time, less construction waste, faster install.

Do you stock and cut wire?

We do both. Let us know your footage, and we will cut to those lengths, deliver to your job site, and label the reels.

I need my Certificate of Recycling – how do I get it?

You can email us, or call the office. These are generally sent with the invoice, but they can be re-sent in an instant. Also, let us know how you want to receive them, so we get it right next time.

How long will it take to receive my lamp cycle containers?

Typically, all containers are shipped within 1 to 3 business days. Depending on your distance from our Chicago office, you should receive your container within 5 days.

Can I place broken lamps in a lamp cycle container?

You can place broken lamps in the container. The box/bag/box system was created to keep broken lamps off of your floor and safe in the shipping container. If you have an excessive amount of broken lamps, please call us. We may opt to send you a drum for safer transport and storage.

Can I put ballasts in the lamp cycle container?

No. Lamp cycle containers are intended for lamps only. If you have ballast to recycle, please call us and we will make arrangements.

Why can’t I use my existing box to return my waste?

Packaging and labeling requirements vary by state, and standard boxes are often not suitable for shipping Universal Waste. In addition, our transportation partners require the contents be shipped following specific guidelines, which require additional containment. Shipping with UN and transporter approved LampCycle containers provide compliance with shipping regulations and minimize risk and liability for you. 

I lost my prepaid shipping label, what should I do?

Call 877-934-9873 to speak with an EverLights representative. Be prepared to describe the container, its contents and your location. More often than not, those labels can be replaced at no charge.

The shipper refuses to pick up my package, what should I do?

You may be calling the wrong number. Please make sure you are calling our toll-free number at 877-934-9873. 

I lost my liner, absorbent pack or zip tie what should I do?

Call 877-934-9873 to speak with an EverLights representative. Be prepared to describe the container, its contents and your location. All items in a LampCycle package can be replaced.

I need my LampCycle containers sent overnight, what should I do?

Call 877-934-9873 to speak with an EverLights representative. We will get your request processed immediately, as well as coordinate the situation to the WalMart compliance team.  

Are LampCycle containers safe for transport?

Yes. Lamp cycle containers have been tested and UN Certified at Advanced Packaging Technology Laboratories, Inc., an independent testing laboratory. Our program is the safest in the industry. No other recycler offers a box/bag/box system. This system was created to keep both you and the transporter free from mercury contamination.

How long does it take to get my certificate of recycling?

Waste is typically processed between 3-10 days of receipt. It will take up to that amount of time to receive your Certificate of Recycling. If you need it sooner, or would like to know status, please contact us.

Can you pick up a pallet of fluorescent bulbs?

Yes. Call 877-934-9873 to speak with an EverLights representative. We can and do handle pallet loads of lamps. We will your request processed within a day.

Still have more questions? Please call us at 877-934-9873 or email: omid@everlights.com

Thank you for your business.